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Travis Barnes has spoken at my Mentorship for the past 5-years in a row because he knows how to inspire an audience to greatness. He authentically shares his life experience and leaves people motivated to move towards higher levels of success.



I believe that each of us has a life worth telling a story about. When you hear the story of Travis Barnes, you realize that anything is possible if you get your mind right and commit to a life driven by passion and purpose. I’m proud to know Travis and have him speak at every Mentorship I host. If there is one person who is guaranteed to fire-up your company, conference, or business and remind them that you can overcome any challenge, setback, or adversity one might be having, his name is Travis Barnes.



Live a life worth telling a story about…what’s your story?” It’s something I’ve been saying for a long time. And if there is one person who epitomizes overcoming major adversity, setback, and challenge, his name is Travis Barnes. Travis spent over a decade in prison, where he ultimately found fitness and faith. This newfound conviction has led him to start a successful fitness franchise where he’s slated to impact over 1-million people in the next 5-years. Hear the story of Travis Barnes and your passion & purpose will be renewed to record levels.

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